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    Toggle Switch Guards

    Toggle switch guards are used to prevent a switch being accidentally turned on or off. The guard cover protects a two- or three-position toggle switch with a solid casing, ideal for areas where accidental operation might occur. Toggle switch guards typically have a moulded plastic cover connected by a hinge to a steel bracket.

    How do toggle switch guards work?

    All toggle switch guards feature spring-loaded covers that lock in either the open or closed positions. When the hinged cover is open, the switch actuator freely operates on all positions. When the cover is closed, the switch is locked to a chosen position and can only be adjusted when the guard is reopened. The hinged end indicates the switch is on, the other end indicates off. This allows protection of your application at all times.

    How are toggle switch guards applied?

    Toggle guard switches are easily installed onto toggle switches and other caps. The front panel has two mounting hex nuts and can be used with an optional panel seal provided with each switch.

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