3M HF-800-01 Harness Assembly for use with 3M 800 Series Respirator

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  • Fabrikant 3M
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3M™ HF-800-01 Secure Click™ Head Harness Assembly for HF-800 Series Respirators

The 3M™ Secure Click™ HF-800-01 is a replacement head harness for the HF-800 series respiratory masks. HF-800-01 is a main harness for the HF-800 series, making it suitable for the 3M™ Secure Click™ half-face masks HF-801, HF-802 and HF-803. It is easy to install and helps to extend the life of your respiratory protection.

Features and Benefits

• Approved replacement part of 3M for the 3M ™ Secure Click ™ HF-801, HF-802 and HF-803 half-face masks (sold separately)
• Helps make the respirator meet the legal performance requirements
• Easy to apply for quick replacement of the old harness
• Head harness helps to extend the life of the face mask


Filtered respirator facemasks are essential PPE for environments where particle ingress can be potentially hazardous to your health, such as gas, vapours or dust. They are often more suitable for heavy-duty tasks than disposable facemasks. Replaceable respirator particulate filters are graded in different ways to indicate their suitability for different applications, such as;

• A- Organic vapours with a boiling point more than 65°C
• B- Inorganic vapours
• E- Acid gases
• K- Ammonia and ammonia derivatives
• AX- Organic vapours with a boiling point less than 65°C

Half-mask or full-mask respirators?

Depending on the health and safety requirements of your workplace or the demands of your application, you may need to choose between a half mask or full mask respiratory. Half mask respirators cover only the nose and mouth, while full masks cover the entire face. While both masks may have the same grade of filter, a full face mask has the benefit of sealing around the whole face, creating a more secure seal. Full face masks also have the advantage of protecting the eyes from vapours or splashing. As such, the full face mask option is often a better choice for potentially more hazardous conditions.

However, a half-mask might be a more cost-effective option if extra protection isn't needed, or might be more suitable for use in combination with specialized headgear.

Correct use of respirators

When it comes to respiratory protection, the correct fitting and testing of your respirator is just as important as selecting the correct respiratory protective equipment for your working conditions. Be sure to follow all pertinent instructions and that health and safety best practice is adhered to at all times. Always be sure to use the correct filters for your environment, and make sure the replacement filters are changed as regularly as is recommended.

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