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    Gas Cylinder Storage Brackets

    Gas cylinder storage brackets are simple safety devices used to attach gas cylinders to a wall in a secure, upright position. They can be installed at a height suitable for the size of cylinder you're using and come with a front chain that stops the cylinder tipping over.

    How do gas cylinder brackets work?

    Gas cylinder storage brackets can contain either 2 or 3 cylinders and are designed to snugly hold cylinders of a specified diameter. They can be used individually, or ganged up in rows where multiple cylinders are in use. Most brackets are made of sturdy materials such as galvanised steel to protect against harsh weather conditions and rust. Gas cylinder storage brackets typically come with pre-drilled holes so you can easily screw them to a wall. Their link retention chains are also made of steel strong enough to hold the bottles securely.

    What are gas cylinder storage brackets used for?

    Gas cylinder storage brackets are found in varied environments such as factories, supermarkets and laboratories. They're a straightforward but effective way of ensuring the safe storage of hazardous gases.

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