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    Screws & Bolts

    We stock a great range of screws & bolts for any requirement, from machine screws to hex bolts. Within our offer you can choose from grub screws, socket screws, wood screws and self tapping screws as well as coach bolts and U-bolts all from reliable manufacturers including RS PRO, so you can be assured you're getting top quality at a competitive price.

    Types of Screws and Bolts

    There is a huge variety of types of screws and bolts available in the market that are available in different drive types, head styles, materials, sizes and thread pitch. They can be used with a range of complementary nuts and washers to prevent loosening once in place. Some of our most popular fixing categories include:

    • Socket screws – used with Allen keys to fasten them, therefore are also known as Allen head screws.
    • Machine screws – designed to be used with a tapped hole or interior nut thread. Available with all common head types including pan, flat, countersunk and truss.
    • Self tapping screws – have a pointed tapered end that allows them to be drilled into any surface. Available in both Pozidriv and cross drive types.
    • Hex bolts – have a hexagonal shaped head and can have a full or partially threaded length, used with a tapped hole or interior nut thread.
    • U-Bolts – commonly used with round surfaces such as pipes, and are shaped like the letter U.