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    Security Screws

    Security screws are vital for securing structures in public or private environments where vandalism may be an issue. Whether securing potentially dangerous wiring which may harm someone if tampered with, or to secure valuable compartments that may be targets for thieves, tamper proof security screws add an extra element of security. Discover more in our complete guide to security screws.

    Tamper proof screws normally have a torx head, or star head, that is not operable by standard screwdrivers. They are also available as tamper resistant flange button types, or socket head buttons. Other than their anti-vandal applications, security screws are also used to keep fittings extra secure, such as re-enforcing billboards to resist high wind conditions, or making sure factory machine parts are tightly fitted to protect operators.

    The RS range of security screws includes raised and countersunk variants from leading brands. With tamper-resistant fixings and fasteners to suit any material, we are confident we can support your security and vandal-proofing applications.

    Why Use Security Screws?

    For many, proofing against theft and vandalism is an essential part of their design stipulation, and so there is increasing demand for tamper resistant security fixings. Security screws are the most common of these, and are universally recognized enough that they are used in a variety of workplace and public applications, such as:

    • Number Plates
    • CCTV Poles
    • Rack Mounting Equipment
    • Computer Hard Cases
    • Public Bathroom Fittings

    How To Install Security Screws

    Security screws require a screwdriver type that corresponds to the head type of the security screw. They are normally referred to as torx drivers, though it is important to remember to check if the torx driver is shaped correctly to accommodate pin torx heads.

    Security Screw Drive Types

    There are anti-vandal security screw options with different drive types to suit your tooling, these include:

    • Hexalobular Recess
    • Pin Hex Recess
    • Torx
    • Pin Torx
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