Socket Wrenches

Use socket wrenches with non-impact sockets to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. These hand tools deliver more torque than spanners and can be used for a long period without fatigue. Our range includes leading brands such as; Bahco, Facom, Gear Wrench, Stahlwille, Stanley, Gedore and RS PRO.

Key Features

The socket wrench feature allows you to keep the handle connected to the bolt via a socket without having to refit after every turn of the bolt. They have a quick change of direction achieved through a switch lever, easy socket release mechanism and are available with an ergonomically designed, sturdy soft grip that guarantees safe and comfortable operation.

Drive Sizes

Popular sizes include; in, in, in, 3/8in, 5/16 in.

How do they work?

The handle of the socket provides the leverage to turn the nut or bolt to loosen or tighten. A square-shaped projection at the top of the handle accommodates the socket. Handles come in various lengths, with the most common being around 8 in.

Typical Applications

Socket wrenches are commonly used by professionals such as car mechanics, engineers, builders, and DIY enthusiasts.

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1/2 in Ratchet Square 260 mm - - - Chrome Vanadium Steel Nickel Chrome Plated