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    Trowels are small hand tools used across a variety of industries for digging or moving small amounts of particulate materials, applying viscous materials such as plaster or cement, and smoothing surfaces of particulate and viscous materials. Trowels are traditionally used in masonry, concrete, and drywall construction, as well as gardening applications such as digging, bordering, and potting.

    At RS, we have a selection of trowels in a range of shapes and sizes for different applications.

    What types of Trowel are there?

    There are many types of trowel with different shaped blades to make them as functional for their respective applications as possible. The blades are made from either forged carbon steel or cast stainless steel, which has a longer wear resistance.

    • Garden trowel
    • Bricklayer's trowel
    • Pointing trowel
    • Finishing/float trowel
    • Notched Trowel
    • Gauging trowel
    • Margin trowel
    • Pool trowel
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