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    Resistor Kits

    A resistor is a passive electrical component with two terminals. Resistors limit the current flowing in electrical or electronic circuits.

    Resistor kits are ideal for electronic design engineers and technicians as they contain assorted resistors. The kits are versatile to accommodate a variety of electronics application set-ups and board prototyping.

    Supplied in convenient compartmentalized packaging for quick reference and easy identification. RS offer a range of high-quality kits from leading brands including Vishay, Bourns, Nova, Panasonic and TE Connectivity.

    The resistors in the kits can be made of different materials, including carbon film, metal film resistors, metal foil or metal oxide. Special kits may contain either thick-film or thin-film products customised for specific uses.

    What are resistor kits used for?

    These kits are useful in numerous applications in designing, constructing or repairing electronic devices. Resistors are used in a wide variety of products like phone headsets, power supplies, barcode scanners, plasma televisions, control systems and stereo equipment.

    Types of resistor kit

    Resistors contained in these kits are often categorised by mounting types, such as axial, through-hole, panel mount or surface mount

    Another consideration when choosing a kit is to look at the resistance values, usually indicated via colour coding charts on the packaging of the kits.

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