Cylinder Hones

Honing is a process that is used to create a precise design on a metal surface by using an abrasive stone and a rotary motion. Honing is used to improve the texture of a surface or improve the geometric form of the surface.

The scratches left in the metal surface after honing help to assist in retaining oil and improving lubrication, performance and cylinder life. Cylinder hones work well with most common metals.

Cylinder hones come with a gritstone which can vary in size and a flexible drive shaft with an adjustable tension spring which can be used with air or electric drills. The drive shaft also allows for easy alignment whilst working.


Cylinder hones are suitable for use on:

  • Brake and clutch cylinders

  • Bore engine cylinders

  • Motorcycle engines

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Omschrijving Prijs Hone Length Maximum Bore Size Minimum Bore Size
RS-stocknr. 388-3640
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 23,82
Aantal stuks
100mm 135mm 50mm
RS-stocknr. 388-3678
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 6,79
Aantal stuks
28mm 50mm 24mm