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    Stroboscopes are instruments shaped similarly to torches that are used to shine lights at fast paces on objects moving at high speeds.

    How do they work?

    Once the light is flashed at several thousand rounds per minutes on a fast moving object, it creates the illusion of that object being stationary or slow moving. They consist of lamps in the top that produce quick flashes of repetitive lights.

    Features and benefits:

    •Hand held options available for increased portability

    •Flash rates per minute range in the thousands, reaching highs of 300,000 or more in some cases

    •Xenon powered bulbs that last a lot longer than standard Halogen and also produce bright whites

    •Battery operated, usually supplied with rechargeable batteries and charger cases with some brands

    •Easy to read digital LCD displays with many inputs available

    •Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

    •Phase shift settings to further make inspections easier

    •Rounds per minute and frequency investigational tools built in some models

    •Adjustable flash durations

    •Cuts out the need for reflective tapes to be used

    •Rugged construction making them reliable

    Where might I use one?

    •Inspection of fast moving equipment such as fans or rotary blades

    •Belt driven machines

    •Cable or piping

    •Foundations of buildings

    •Roller bearings or other machine components

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